What to Consider When Choosing a Wig

Different women have different tastes for the type of wig they choose to put on; there are different things you need to consider when selecting a wig. Apart from the style and your hair’s natural color, you also need to consider things such as the shape of your face, the length, type of fiber without forgetting your lifestyle. At the same time, you may also want to do some experimentation so as to see how you are going to look.

Every type of wig, whether synthetic or human hair has its own set of unique benefits; you must compare and contrast before making a choice. It appears like most people prefer synthetic wigs because apart from the fact that they have more features, colors and styles, they also don’t require too much effort to maintain. Most women find synthetic wigs easy to carry when they are on the go and can be put on in any type of weather. The only thing you must guard against is putting any kind of heat on them because heat damages them.

Human hair on the other hand is quite versatile and can be easily curled and styles in any way just like you do with your natural hair. You need to have sufficient time to work on human hair because it does not come in any particular style. Human hair is perfect for a woman who has the time and skill to do the styling or the money to pay someone to do it for her.

Length style: Shorter styles are normally easier to take care of than the longer synthetic versions. If you choose a style that’s too long you must ensure you have the time to work on it or you will be disappointed.

Your personal style: You need to have your daily lifestyle in mind as you make a selection; whether it will be worn daily or occasionally as well as what you do daily will definitely determine the type of wig that will fit your schedule.

Customize your style: Always make sure to let your hair stylist trim your wig as soon as you acquire it so that it fits the shape of your face. You should also let your hair stylist help you in coloring your wig if you plan to have it colored.

Choosing the color: Most women select a shade that matches their own hair. It is always advisable that you do the selection under natural light in order to get one that truly matches the color of your own hair. The other alternative is of course to try and consider getting a color that is identical to your hair. If you wish to brighten your other features, you could try getting a shade that is just a little warmer or lighter than your hair color. Your aim should always be to get a shade which complements your skin so as to bring out your own natural color. Don’t make the mistake many women make by choosing colors that are too dark; you will never go wrong choosing a lighter shade at any time. If in doubt, your stylist will always be of help.

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