Trends in Fashion

Every individual is a victim of fashion, in one way or the other. In present and modern times, the advent of technology has made the world a smaller place and brought people of all cultures, countries, religions and races together. Media, whether it is print or electronic, has played a huge role in highlighting fashion trends from all over the globe. With a click of a button or key, a never ending canvass and information is available at an individual’s fingertips. Fashion is all consuming and spares no one. Even those who refuse to succumb to the norms of fashion are responsible for making their own anti-trend statement. Fashion is personal and peppy; if used in the correct fashion, it can even elevate the social standing of an individual.

In the daily life of an individual, fashion plays an integral and important part. In society, it helps to identify and compartmentalize individuals of diverse culture, race, special groups and religion. Fashion helps to interpret social mind-sets and importance in a certain period in time and that which is documented on film becomes a priceless social certificate. People of different ethnicities and their fashion statements help sociologists to assess and analyze groups and community behavioral patterns. All individuals attend weddings, religious ceremonies and many social occasions. Fashion helps an individual to conform and assimilate in society by the virtue of fact that they are well turned out.

Fashion however speaks the loudest when it comes to making personal statements; whether it is haute couture or even the grungy look of a non-conformist. Individuals often make personal fashion statements without even realizing it. Most individuals in society have different levels of dressing up or dressing down. There are those who are always impeccably dressed with not a hair out of place and yet there are also those who think nothing much of throwing on something casual while stepping out. Fashion preferences are relative; one man’s fashion may not be another’s idea of being well dressed. There are also those individuals who have absolutely no eye for aesthetics but carry off a mismatched ensemble with aplomb. For other individual’s vintage fashion is their preference. The good things about fashion is it lives and lets others live too. It never dies and the trends are repeated on a cyclical basis.

All cultures and ethnic groups have their own and distinct fashion boundaries. The floral and brightly colored Hawaiian shirt is as much a rage across the globe as is the sari which is also worn by the westerners. The African as well as Mexican cultures use an array of vivid colors in their fashion. It is true that clothing is used for warmth and protection but it is also a form of adornment and vanity. In many cultures, the woman is encouraged to dress demurely and be covered from head to toe like in the Islamic culture. In present times, the burkha has become a fashionable garment which is embellished with crystals and beads to look more attractive.

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