Mix And Match Outfits For Christmas And New Year’s Eve Parties

A woman’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be bulging with new outfits every time there is a wedding, a birthday, or a holiday event. The practice of wearing outfits only once has been fading away in the midst of an economic meltdown. An outfit that women can transform from a formal frock to a casual day-out dress is a gem among jewels in her closet. When choosing these outfits, consider the following style tips and ideas for mixing and matching clothing and accessories this holiday season.

Match the Right Pair of Shoes to Your Chosen Dress
Let’s say, you’ve just discovered a great outfit that you can wear to any occasion. Match a pair of sandals for a casual date or a pair of slingbacks for a formal event. Wear a pair of boots for a day out in the sun with friends. Whatever pair of shoes you wear transforms the overall theme of your outfit from casual to formal and back again. See updates from fashion blogs for style trends on pairing boots with dresses and frocks this holiday season.

Choose a Variety of Fashion Accessories to Add Sparkle and Pizzazz
A pair of hanging earrings is a sight to behold as the swinging baubles frame your lovely face to a much-awaited gala. However, a pair of sparkly studs made from diamonds in a silver casing presents a demure appearance that’s fitting for a casual evening. Some women like to add a choker to enhance their swan-like necks or lay a long necklace of precious stones to emphasize their bosoms. Whatever accessories you choose to wear, each piece should emphasize your best asset, such as the shape of your face or the beautiful set of your shoulders. Accessories like a hair clip or a designer belt around the waist also contribute to your overall appearance.

Choose Neutral Colors As Much As Possible
Any style blog will tell you that when you want to mix and match your clothes with your accessories and footwear, you better choose items with neutral colors of black, white, brown, tan, or flesh tones. Reds are occasional accents rather than make up the rest of your ensemble. Bright colors are fine for casual events especially for women with darker skin tones, but for the most part, neutral hues fit every occasion from weddings and anniversaries to corporate events and meetings with clients.

The best style advice provided by an online style magazine is matching your clothes’ colors to your skin’s undertone. A woman with a yellow skin undertone like the one seen on Asian women should choose icy blue or purple clothing. For women with a reddish undertone in their skin as seen on Caucasians, dress with muted colors like apple green and lavender are perfect on them.

Cover Up With a Stylish Jacket or Light Knit Shrug
Colorful scarves aren’t the only pieces of clothing that you need this holiday season. Keep yourself warm while enjoying the crisp wintry air with a light knit shrug. It covers up your back while leaving your front and your dress in full view. After all, part of wearing a sexy outfit to a party is to present your body and looks in the best possible light. A long coat or a bulky jacket just hinders you from looking gorgeous and beautiful at the event.
For formal occasions, especially with work-related events or casual meetings with friends, a short jacket with an inverted collar covers up the arms and back, but still leaves some space for your dress to be seen by others. The inverted collar appears feminine and frames your decolletage so well. This jacket can be worn over a Sunday dress or an ensemble of a blouse and a skirt.

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