How to Turn Heads in a Shirt Dress

When worn correctly a shirtdress can be the sexiest item of clothing for women. Below, we will show you exactly how to wear them in a way that is uber-sexy and that will have people’s heads turning wherever you go.

Try on Different Styles until You Find the One that is Right for You You will find many different styles of shirtdress in the shops. However, not all of them will suit your body shape or your style. This means that you will need to try on several different styles until you find the one that suits your look. It may make sense to bring somebody with you when shopping for a shirtdress, so they can provide you with some objective feedback.

Where the Correct Style of Trousers : If you want to team them with trousers, then understand that a shirtdress will only look good when teamed with skinny trousers. Never wear them with boot cut, straight cut, or flared trousers, as it will look odd. Instead, you can wear them with skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings. If wearing denim, make sure that you choose lighter weight denim, as if the denim is too heavy, it can add unnecessary weight, which will create the same odd appearance as wearing the dress with a pair of wider leg trousers.

Choose the Correct Style of Shoes for the Look : Generally, you need to opt for a ballerina style shoe. Some women are able to wear ankle boots with their shirtdresses, but this is only the case if they are tall, or if they are very slim. If very slim, you need to make sure that you do not choose a shirtdress that is too long; it should finish just above your bottom if you want to wear them with ankle boots. If you wear ankle boots and you are not tall nor very skinny, then you run the risk of making yourself appear a little stout and stumpy.

Choose a Good Brand : The best shirtdresses are often the most expensive. Choose a brand such as Equipment clothing, because you are then assured of maximum quality, design and fit. Shirt dresses are a very special type of fashion, and they are difficult to pull off with style, by choosing a designer that is renowned for their collection of dress shirts, you can help yourself to make the best of the style. Equipment shirts are some of the best on the fashion scene at present; they are especially popular amongst the high-end fashionista. Buying designer clothing, such as Equipment clothing, will set you will set back a fair amount, but you will get plenty of wear out of it, and it will look incredible. Unfortunately, it is often the case that to look our best we have to spend a decent amount of money…unless, of course, you are lucky and you can make your own clothes.

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