How to Buy a Pair of Boots that You’ll Love?

Being a lady has finally returned to fashion. Designers are bringing back a sense of style and grace with the return of classic, sophisticated clothing. Dressing up classic looks with structured handbags, leather belts and beautiful heels is key to looking great.

“”This season is all about infusing classic and modern,”” says Amy Cafazzo, Marshall’s style expert. “”My favorite way to achieve this look is by going classic with your clothes and modern with your shoes. You can never have too many shoes.””

She offers these tips to help build a fall/winter wardrobe:

Dressing it Up-Dresses are still hot. Look for dresses with dramatic sleeves including balloon, lantern, dolman and puffed sleeves in lengths from three-quarter to wrist.

The pencil skirt, which never goes out of style, offers an easy way to transition from a day at the office to an evening out. Jazz up your dresses and skirts with a pair of peep toes or Mary Janes to finish your look.

Shine On-Whether it’s a glitzy handbag, silky blouse or pair of sparkling ballerina flats, metallics provide a certain twinkle that perks up even the simplest outfit. Just don’t overdo it. Choose only one or two glittery pieces to make a glamorous statement.

Color Splash-From winter whites to slate grays, classic muted shades reign this season, but a splash of color creates a must-have look. An easy way to add dashes of midnight blue, deep aubergine purple, chili pepper red, and even mustard yellow to your wardrobe is with shoes and accessories. For example, a slate gray outfit with plum shoes and accessories will make you the toast of the town.

Finishing Touches-Without accessories, there is no outfit. Layer leggings under tunics and dresses, or pair textured or colored tights and a sweater dress to warm up an outfit for fall’s cool weather. Top it all off with a hat. From cable-knit berets to newsboy-style caps, hats are fun and flirty. And, of course, every woman gets excited about handbags. Look for sleek clutches and structured handbags with embellishments in patent leather, chains or braids.

Dresses are hot this season. Look for dramatic sleeves in lengths from three-quarter to wrist.

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