Hair Extensions Today Style

Today, extensions are not only a trend but they are used as part of a fashion statement by many individuals, and if done correctly are a thing of beauty, adorning the individual with a additional feature that not only enhances their look, but adds an understated elegance to their current hair style.

Using the individual method to make the extension itself involves taking small bit of hair, maybe 20 to 50 strands, which could be 100% natural hair or synthetic hair, and applying them in small sections to the persons head by either weaving, gluing, clamping with metal rods, using wax, or heat fusing them to the persons own hair.

As a rule, these hair additions when applied to one?s own hair generally only last a few months, but if you think about it, our own hair only lasts a few months before it is shed and a new strand of hair grows in its place. If required the extensions can be removed in advance, or if it begins to lose its vigour and an easy replacement can be inserted in its place. The only concern when removing a them is to ensure that the extensions is removed from the natural hair without doing any damage.

Although this is just one method of creation, all hair extensions depend on the quality of the pieces as to whether it will appear to be real or not. The quality will also determine how long the extensions will last for as well before it begin to look a little shabby.

Because it is important to match the hair strands to the individual, it is important to note that hair strands from Caucasian people varies greatly from hair strands of Asian and African people, due to texture and structure. Most often matching hair type with hair type results in a better looking, more realistic extension.

Unfortunately, when a bad choice of hair quality is chosen and often when synthetic hair is chosen the hairpieces take on a plastic look and doesn?t appear to be realistic in nature at all. More often then not, synthetic hair is better used to create dreadlocks, than natural extensions. The best choice for extensions for your money will always be 100% natural hair.

Many of today?s modern movie stars use extensions or hairpieces to create a persona that suits the role they are playing or makes a statement about themselves personally. Demi Moore and Madonna, and Cameron Diaz are just a few who have used extensions in roles, as these fashion accessories are a great way to create the look of having beautiful, long flowing hair, when the natural choice by these actresses is to wear their hair short.

Because women like to change their appearances, depending on the occasion, many of today?s younger women are having natural extensions added and changing their look, just as they would their clothing to suit what is happening in their lives. However, it is not only women who are doing this as some men are now following trends.

Another popular method of creating hair extensions today is through the use of animal hair, as opposed to human hair, as you can add in some outstanding coloured strands and make a statement that is customized just for the individual.

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