Building a Positive Community

Building a Positive Community is part of Building classroom community – watch v ILlp1i2WJcM Balloon Caterpillar Race, Have students form 4 lines with 5 to 6 students in each line Students should all be facing forward with the lead students behind a start line Place an inflated balloon between each person When you say go, the entire line must cross the finish line without dropping any balloons If they drop a balloon they need to go back to the start and begin again Another way to begin building a community is to brainstorm what it takes to be a positive classmate Use a chart like this to brainstorm the characteristics of a positive team member You can download a copy of the blank chart here Since it is a pdf file you can print it poster size I made mine 200% of the original Then I glued the six pages together to make the poster for our class discussion I also make a single page copy for every student so they can make their own chart along with you Once the students understand what makes a positive classmate tell them the class will earn a reward for showing all these characteristics Using the letters SPARKLE, which stands for Students who are Prepared, Attentive, Respectful, Responsible and Keep Learning every day! Put up one letter every time the whole class is following the guidelines for being a positive classmate When they earn all 7 letters the class has earned a special reward You can choose the reward or let the class brainstorm a possible list You can download the letters here For more ways to help your kids SPARKLE, check out the entire product in my TPT store

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