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Buttermilk Pie Recipe Food com is part of Buttermilk pie – This recipe was originally noted by my wife on a cooking show on TV It was touted as an Amish recipe All we had for a long time was the list of ingredients on the back of an old envelope We lost it for a good while and after I found it, I originally posted it so I would never lose it again Thank you all for all your interest this is my absolute favorite pie During the lost phase I must have gained 20 pounds trying numerous different buttermilk pie recipes I was so glad when I found it again as only a few even came close in taste and texture I’ve noted a lot of people mentioning reducing the sugar, which is fine, but bear in mind that the sugar quantity was a major difference between this and other recipes I tested when it was lost Hey, it is a PIE, it is SUPPOSED to be sweet Enjoy

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