Bratz Makeover Games For The Up-to-date Look

Your own original, inimitable fashion sense and style where elegance and functionality meet now has a home to inspire it further on – the world of Bratz! The Bratz are always on the run due to their celebrity status but they do their best to have the most of girl fun in each moment of their lives. If you want to join them in their quest for ever new and expressive fashion, then it’s time to hop in on a bratz makeover game!

If you are still in the dark about who the Bratz are, ask yourself: where was I all this time… not! Seriously, the Bratz are the global hit, most especially among young people like teens and tweens. They are a group of fashion dolls, whose story are those of teenagers recognized for their cutting edge sense of style that are found in every part of their own lives. They started as simple dolls inspired by Barbie, then things shifted virtually, thus earning these dolls an even more celebrity status with a faithful worldwide following.

Close teenager chums who live to be sweet, cool, and glamorous, Bratz arrived to create a blast in the universe of fashion dolls. What’s more, these lovely ladies already have their own TV show!

Let’s get to know these dress up games stars. Cloe works as the beauty editor of Bratz Magazine and whose weakness is chick lit with happy endings. Next is Sasha, known as dreamer of big dreams, whose ambition is to head her own recording company and develop a fashion line worth millions of dollars. Being currently the manager of the music pages of Bratz, she’s in the know on the latest on parties, events and concerts. Yasmin is very much dedicated to worthwhile causes, and so she is in charge with the features and has the expertise in dealing with foundations and social projects. Last is Jade. All four girls are without a doubt fashion conscious, but Jade is always seen with the most up-to-date outfits among all four, so Jade gets to head the fashion section.

Now they’re inviting you to spend a busy day with as they live a celebrity life with bratz makeover game! Things could not be more thrilling watching these young idols and stars ready in their cutting edge lounge-wear, ready to take the model’s ramp (in dress up games of course) by storm!

An image overhaul would simply not do if ever the dress plus the make up gets forgotten. Better to be safe, than discover something was forgotten! How about the hair? The highlights and the lowlights must be commented on to find out what needs to stay and what detail needs to get out. Get that striking hairstyle with a few mouse clicks and there you go!

True, the Bratz are busy women brimming with many ideas how to help other women to be confident and comfortable with their own original sense of fashion and beauty. But now that world of fantasy can now be a handy experience that you can check out for yourself and reflect on with just a PC or laptop, and an internet connection.

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