Beautiful, Authentic Wholesale Bags

When looking for the best wholesale bags, you need to watch for a few things. How many are you expected to purchase? If you’re not a store and you have to buy more than you can reasonably use or give as gifts, then you aren’t saving money by buying wholesale bags, but rather wasting it.

Does the site selling wholesale bags offer certificates of authenticity with their designer bags? If they don’t you might want to think twice before buying them. Knockoff artists and counterfeiters are growing increasingly sophisticated with manufacturing techniques, and many of the wholesale bags you find online are created by these people. Before spending a lot of money (which you will, even if it’s a great bargain) make sure that the wholesale bags you’re buying are really what you think they are.

If they don’t offer certificates of authenticity with their designer bags, you should expect to get an even better price on your wholesale bags. Many buyers are willing to use a good-quality reproduction, but you certainly should not pay designer prices for wholesale bags that are almost certainly not authentic.

Look for good quality in wholesale bags, whether you’re buying designer bags, designer or just slouch bags to have around for casual days. A bag is meant to carry things, not tear and break!
If you are buying online, this is a problem. The best answer is to buy one wholesale bag and, when you get it, carefully examine it for the following quality issues:

– Is all the stitching straight, even, and not overlapping? Good stitching on a wholesale bag should be either invisible or decorative. Decorative stitching should have no loose threads hanging or obvious flaws.

– Stretch out the inside lining of the wholesale bag. Does it seem to fill the shell of the purse properly? If it doesn’t, it will be prone to getting holes in it, and the bag will start to eat your change and small loose items ? very frustrating! Tears in your wholesale bag’s lining will also result in strange wear patterns on the outside of the bag, especially in one with a light color or shiny finish.

– Check all the metal fixtures. Do links bend easily? Do they have any rough edges that could cut at the straps on your wholesale bag? Smooth, strong links will ensure you the longest life for your wholesale bag.

– If it’s passed all the other tests, carry the wholesale bag with you for a week, treating it as roughly as you like. How does it stand up to your harshest test? Does it soil easily, or start showing wear? A handbag doesn’t last forever, but after a week it should still look nearly new.

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